Partnership creates Power (Helene-Lange-Schule, IGS Marschweg, Oldenburg / Westville-Highschool, Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

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    Agenda der Partnerschaftsaktivitäten

    • 1998
      Die Uni Oldenburg und die Uni PE nehmen Kontakt miteinander auf.

    • 1999
      20 LehrerInnen aus OL besuchen PE

    • 2000
      20 LehrerInnen aus PE besuchen Oldenburg

    • 2001
      18 SchülerInnen des 13. Jahrgangs, Profil I, Engl/Deut./Pol., fahren nach PE. Die SchülerInnen und Lehrpersonen wohnen in Familien und besuchen den Unterricht an der Westville, Highschool, PE.

    • 2002/2003
      3-monatiger Besuch von drei Schülerinnen, 11. Jg., an der Westville-Highschool und Arbeit im Aids-Zentrum, P.E.

      Dieser individuelle Austausch wird weiter fortgesetzt. (Projekt 1)

    • April 2003
      4 Lehrpersonen der HLS, OL, besuchen Westville-Highschool und erarbeiten mit den GeografielehrerInnen und den naturw. LehrerInnen das Projekt "Partnership creates Power" (Projekt 2)

    • Seit August 2002
      Afrika AG mit 12 SchülerInnen des 9. und 11. Jgs. Fortsetzung im neuen Schuljahr

    • September 2003
      Helene-Lange-Schule wird Umweltschule in Europa

    • September 2004
      Besuch der AG (Westville High, PE)in Oldenburg

    • Geplant: April/Mai 2005
      Die SchülerInnen unserer Afrika AG besuchen Westville-High.

    Projected cooperation between our school and Westville High School in Port Elizabeth/ South Africa

    • 1998
      Start of the project of the Carl-von-Ossietzky-Universität/ Oldenburg on in-service training of teachers in P.E.. Two teachers of our school participate: Marianne Heine and Helga Lowin.

    • 1999
      For three weeks a group of German teachers takes part in a teachers training course in P.E.. Helga Lowin gets to know Westville High School.

    • 2000
      Teachers from P.E. stay in Oldenburg for 4 weeks. Several South African colleagues visit our school and take part in lessons and in a project on South Africa. Arnold Jordaan, the principal of Westville High School and Werner Sturhan, the headmaster of our school agree to continue the cooperation between both schools.

    • Autumn 2000
      The students of the honours course in English Literature and Civilization (directed by Detlef Laue and cooperating with Helga Lowin, the courses teacher of German, and Ute Groen-Schenn, the courses teacher of politics) decide to adopt South Africa as their central theme and to go to South Africa for their field trip. In all three subjects the students deal thoroughly with the history of South Africa and its present situation.

    • Autumn 2001
      On their field trip the students stay in South Africa for 3 weeks. After a stay of 4 days in Soweto they go to P.E. to stay with students of Westville High School, the teachers staying with colleagues. Joint activities of students from both schools take place. Our students visit Lawson Brown High School and the House of Resurrection, a local Aids centre situated close to the school. Afterwards the students start a tour of the surroundings of P.E..

    • At the end of our stay we evaluated our trip with Arnold Jordaan and his colleague Brenda Fredericks, We then all agreed that the field trip was a good start, but that mutual visits would not be workable in the long run, because especially for South Africans it would be even more difficult to organize them repeatedly.

    • We agreed upon the following two possible ways of a further cooperation:

      - a students exchange in the course of the (German) year eleven. (Three students from our school were the first ones to stay at Westville High School in P.E. from October 2002 to January 2003)
      - setting up study groups in both schools that deal with Germany or South Africa respectively and the subject Renewable energies. Both groups are supposed to stay in contact continuously. After an initial stage the South African study group is to come to Oldenburg in order to be trained here together with our study group. Both groups possibly can extend the existing photovoltaic installation. Afterwards both groups keep on working at their respective homes and on the basis of their experiences get prepared for the construction of an installation (of either solar or wind energy) in P.E.. In the following year the German study group is supposed to go to P.E. and to set up an installation together with the Westville study group.

    • In order to plan more precisely the next steps to be taken 4 colleagues of Helene-Lange-Schule (Detlef Laue, Helga Lowin and the two science teachers Christa Beime and Judith Jannsen) will go to P.E. around Easter 2003.

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